One day in 2002, brothers and design partners Humberto and Fernando Campana came across a São Paulo street vendor selling stuffed animals, bought a bunch and promptly stitched them into a chair with stainless-steel legs. Soft, joyfully floppy and slightly surreal, the chair has spawned numerous editions and has become one of contemporary design’s most recognizable objects, with fans ranging from Kylie Jenner to the contemporary artist KAWS. …

We live in a world today where stress has become a norm and it has become important more than ever to take care of our wellbeing. The spaces that we live in can play an important role in reducing or adding to the stress of our daily lives. Below are some of the ideas mentioned that you can apply if you seek to make your home a calm and peaceful sanctuary where you can relax, unwind and rejuvenate.

1. Choose the right color palette

Bswift has been ranked as one of the top 25 companies in the healthcare technology sector.

Bswift is a B2B is cloud-based healthcare benefits technology solution which aims at helping the companies with their administration of the healthcare benefits for their employees. Their cloud-based benefits administration and exchange products are their core products. The benefits experts developed Bswift as an intuitive software which also streamlines HR and payroll processes. Other services include a call center, dependent verification, COBRA administration and FSA administration. The company was established in 1996.

The company’s content marketing strategy has not only brought them clients, but…

Working from home is a dream come true, says an introvert.

In fact, this desire is not exclusive to the introverts alone. We all have dreamt of working at home at some point in life. We fantasize about having flexible timings, spending more time with our family, not having to deal with politics at work and not having to dress up to work. We imagine that working from home would mean being able to work in our PJ’s, typing on our laptop while lying in our cosy bed. …

With a saturated market like today, it is very hard to launch a product and get consumer interested in your product. Following are the strategies that successful companies use to make their products stand out from the crowd.


Branding is what sets Starbucks apart from a generic coffee. There are definitely better tasting burgers out there, but In and Out is popular because it is a brand. The difference between a regular footwear and Nike is the branding. Think about it for a moment.

If you want to set yourself apart from a plethora of products, you will have to…

Have you ever had a friend tell you that he tried the best vanilla ice-cream from cafe Dingo and it was the best one he had thus far and that you MUST try it too?

Or have you ever had a friend watch a hilarious movie and now she highly recommends you to watch it too? Sounds familiar? Happens to all of us. What that basically is a “Word of Mouth Marketing”.

Word of Mouth has been the most powerful and effective tool of marketing that has been in effect since centuries. Why is it so effective? Because it comes…

So I decided to scroll down my Facebook today and look at some facebook ads to see which ones can get my attention. After sifting through some ads, I finally found a winner.

Before I start, I want to state here that this is not a sponsored post and all the opinions mentioned below are purely based on my observation.

So without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, here is the ad that stopped me in my tracks


Here’s what you are doing wrong…..

You are constantly talking about your product or service in your content.

With such a tremendous saturation of content today, and very little attention span, the last thing anybody wants to know is how fast and efficient your product or service is. You only have a window of a millisecond to grab your client’s attention. …

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I write powerful content for interior designers which helps them bring more clients.

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